Meet 1800Flowers Military Heroes and Families Through the Employee Spotlight’s Patriotic Edition

Summertime is the perfect season to salute the men and women who have dedicated their lives to defending the red, white and blue. Although we may not realize it, military heroes, veterans and family members live and work all around us, not only giving us a sense of safety, but also bringing us tons of happiness each day. Meet the brave 1800Flowers military heroes and families, whom we proudly call our co-workers, and find out which patriotic flower arrangements they’d like to receive this Memorial Day!

John RyanMeet John Ryan
Digital Leadership Senior Associate

John, who tackles new business challenges head-on with his team, joined the 1800Flowers family in December 2012. Before then, he served in the U.S. Army from 2003-2008, and then he served in the Army Reserves from 2009-2012.

John Ryan Serving as a US Military Soldier in Iraq John on foot patrol and engaging with the locals near Iskandariyah, Iraq, in 2006.




Why He’s Proud to Be a U.S. Military Veteran: “My wife and I share the same values as many military families. We’re loyal to each other and strive to be selfless with our loved ones. Though those qualities are not necessarily original, they are held extraordinarily high by military members and veterans. And that makes us feel like we are part of a All White Lily Bouquetspecial community.”

Favorite Patriotic Flower Arrangement: All White Lily Bouquet
“It’s traditional, pure and regal, like the army values.”


James SmythMeet James Smyth
Senior Manager of Performance and Quality Assurance

A steadfast and reliable link in the 1800Flowers family chain for the past 19 years, James works with our sales agents to achieve their goals and bring smiles to their customers’ faces. He also gallantly served our country as a U.S. Army soldier during the Vietnam War.

Why He’s Proud to Be a U.S. Military Veteran: “I am a U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran proud to have served our country under difficult circumstances and to be a member of this special brotherhood. My thoughts and prayers are forever with my fellow soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice and with the families and friends of The American Dream Bouquet Triothose still missing in action.”

Favorite Patriotic Flower Arrangement: The American Dream Bouquet Trio
“The colors are spectacular, with vivid red mini carnations in contrast with white daisies in a one-of-a-kind cobalt blue pyramid vase. A great gift for any patriotic holiday.”


Jim DunhamMeet Jim Dunham
Network Engineer

Jim helps keep the 1800Flowers site running by overseeing its Internet connection. Before he joined forces with us three years ago, he served as a specialist in the Signal Corp in the U.S. Army. His son James Jr. is now serving as a Private First Class in basic training, and he’ll be following his father’s footsteps as an analyst in the Signal Corp once he’s finished training.

Why He’s Proud to Be a U.S. Military Veteran: “The U.S. Army is a family. To say I have a favorite heartwarming story is hard as there are so many. I remember the amount of support we received when my daughter was born while I served. I remember when I had to go away on missions and I knew my family was safe with the help and watchful eyes of my U.S. Army family. That every week my son asks for a new Tie a Yellow Ribbon Bouquetbook of stamps because not all in his platoon have stamps to mail letters home. Too many stories.”

Favorite Patriotic Flower Arrangement: Tie a Yellow Ribbon
“To me it represents the sacrifice that soldiers’ loved ones make. It’s a great gift for the wives and moms of our troops.”


Jeanne BraunMeet Jeanne Braun
Fresh Rewards Specialist

Jeanne, who has worked in sales, customer service, billing and reception here at 1800Flowers for the past 20 years, may not have served in the military herself, but she knows firsthand what it’s like to be part of a military family. Her son Billy has been serving in the U.S. Army since 2006 as Sargeant Telecommunications Specialist.

Why She’s Proud to Be the Mom of a U.S. Army Soldier: “My son Billy keeps really busy and has been to Alaska, Iraq and Afghanistan, and is presently in Clarksville, Tenn. He is coming to New York Tie a Yellow Ribbon Bouquetsometime in the beginning of June for two weeks and will then be going to Germany for three years. Billy makes me proud that he is serving our country!”

Favorite Patriotic Flower Arrangement: Tie a Yellow Ribbon
“I really like this arrangement.”

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