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How To Keep Your Valentine Roses Alive For Weeks

If you were the lucky recipient of a beautiful floral arrangement from someone special this Valentine’s Day, you want the flowers to last as long as possible. Learn how to keep your Valentine roses alive for up to two to … Continue reading

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The Power of Scent and Color!

Both color and scent have emotional components to them. They can help to cheer you up or calm you down. They can trigger a memory or help to bring balance to your life. Here are a few facts about various … Continue reading

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The Perfect Irish Supper

This time last year we were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a feast of beer, potatoes and a healthy side of… flowers! I can’t help but smile when I see these festive place settings that are just perfect for a … Continue reading

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Host The Perfect Irish Dinner Party

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! A six-pack and a potato please! Whether you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or throwing a fun Irish dinner party, I have the perfect touches to make it special. Of course with a name like McCann-Mulligan … Continue reading

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Prepare A Traditional Irish Breakfast

Top of The Mornin’ Tea & Scones March 17th is a grand day and what better way to start the day than with a traditional irish breakfast of a plate of hot homemade scones and a cup of irish tea?  … Continue reading

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Learn about Shabbat, A Jewish Holiday

Celebrate Shabbat! Recently, I was told that this Friday, March 5th, the Jewish holiday of Shabbat will be celebrated across America and Canada. For those of you who don’t know what the holiday Shabbat is, take a moment to read … Continue reading

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How to Dry Flowers

Create Your Own Dried Flowers There really isn’t any easier way to preserve flowers then to just let them dry. I think flowers look beautiful when they are dry; they take on such a romantic vintage feel. And while the … Continue reading

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