How to Make Your Own Homemade Christmas Wreaths

One of my favorite traditions during the Holiday season is taking a day to decorate the house. While it may feel like a chore for some, I have always enjoyed putting a lot of creativity and effort into my décor this time of year.

Personalizing the front door wreath is one of my favorite ways to help set our home apart from others in the neighborhood. Years ago, people would put wreaths on their front door featuring different floral arrangements or crafts to identify their individual families and house—similar to the way we use house numbers today. Once I learned this, I couldn’t wait to create a few different Christmas wreaths for my friends and neighbors!

The wreaths shown below were inspired by each recipient’s hobby, but you could create one for just about anything—a new baby, a friend’s favorite movie or even a family’s heritage.

DIY Christmas Wreath for Knitters
Christmas Wreaths for Knitters

Homemade Christmas Wreath for Photographers
Photography Lovers Christmas Wreath

A Christmas Wreath for the Handyman
Handyman Christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath Ideas for Garden Lovers
Gardener Christmas Wreath Idea

Christmas Wreaths for Sewing Enthusiasts
A Christmas Wreath for Sewing Fans

DIY Christmas Wreath Video:
How to Turn A Traditional Christmas Wreath Into A Fabulous One!

In addition to looking absolutely exquisite, by starting with a traditional evergreen Christmas wreath as the blank canvas, DIY décor becomes an easy family craft! Check out the homemade Christmas wreaths video below to see how I created a thoughtful Holiday wreath:

The Beautiful End Results:

Christmas table centerpiece with red roses and evergreens

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