Create Your Own Dramatic Candle Centerpiece

Think Fire and Ice

Why purchase a centerpiece when you can create your own dramatic candle centerpiece?  This is a fabulous look for any special occasion during the winter and creating the dramatic effect of fire and ice couldn’t be easier.

Here’s what you need:

  • Double sided tape and/or spray adhesive
  • Glass votive candleholders
  • Plain clear glass beverage glasses
  • Container of stardust glitter

For the raised candle centerpiece, first I sprayed the outside of the votive holders with spray adhesive and then dusted them with stardust glitter. After I sprinkled faux snow on the glass top of a pastry stand and placed the candles in a line down the middle of the stand. For a little more sparkle weave a strand of crystals around the candles. The flickering light of the candles reflects in the crystals – the look is stunning. It’s so simple, yet so elegant.

Create coordinating vases by placing a band of double-sided tape around a beverage glass and sprinkle the tape with the glitter. Drop a few stems of white tulips in the glass and you’re good to go! Place several of these beautiful vases around the dining or buffet table for maximum impact. When the party is over and you need drinking glasses, simply remove the tape and they’re as good as new!

Sophisticated Soiree

For a look that is clean, elegant and sophisticated, use a single variety white flower such as the tulip, a lot of sparkling clear glass vases and candle holders, and add a couple of chandelier crystals. The result is breathtaking. This is a perfect look for celebrating the start of a brand new year with all its limitless possibilities.

A Meaningful Memento

Since ancient times, evergreens have been a symbol of life, rebirth, and the stamina needed to endure the winter months. Use sprigs of evergreens tied with silver ribbon and a sparkle monogram to create a place card with a message.

Wishing you good health and peace in the New Year – remember that every day is a gift to be cherished!

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Great New Year Decor Ideas!

Ring In The New Year With Style!

Whether you are planning an intimate dinner for a few close friends or going all out to ring in the New Year you’ll want to have party décor that will set the mood.  If you are looking for great New Year’s decor ideas, look no further. Two key elements for your New Year’s decor are candles and a bit of sparkle. I’ve included these key elements along with natural elements, such as, evergreens, birch branches, and pinecones to create a few sophisticated styles. It’s not too late to pull a few of these ideas together. Even though these styles look fabulous, they are all very easy to do. Not to mention you probably have most of the elements needed. Add a few fresh flowers and you’re all set!

Icicle Splendor

I absolutely love the way it looks when the bare tree branches of winter become covered with ice. You can easily create that same dramatic look in your home using birch branches and acrylic icicles. First, I filled the cylinder with a strand of clear lights and pinecones, before I inserted the branches, which gives this arrangement even more impact.

New Year’s Wishes

A nice touch for a New Year’s party is to have small cards and a pen set up near a tree. During the night, encourage your guests to write down their wish for the New Year on one of the cards and hang it on the tree. At midnight gather around the tree and make a toast to all of your hopes and wishes for the New Year that lies ahead.

Up next, a few last minute ideas including using chandelier crystals and how to get a lot of sparkle from a little bit of glitter! Think “fire and ice”.

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Orchid Care & Decorating Tips for Different Types of Orchids

Exotic Breeze Dendrobium Orchids from In the past few years we’ve seen the popularity of orchids, both potted and cut, skyrocket! It’s now one of the most popular flowers that we carry at 1-800 Flowers. Orchids are simple and pure with an air of sophistication and elegance.  And because of their long shelf life as a cut flower, they’re also a very good value.


The dendrobium and the cymbidium orchids are two of the more widely recognized varieties.  Growing in popularity are the Vandas and Mokaras.  Each has its own special qualities and can be displayed and enjoyed in so many different and exciting ways!


A symbol of wisdom and beauty, the dendrobium is native to Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. On the beautiful islands of Hawaii, they’re often used to make leis, which people wear as a symbol of love, friendship, celebration, honor—or as a way to greet visitors.

Making a floral lei from dendrobium orchids is extremely easy and is a wonderful and unexpected way to honor someone for a special achievement or just to let them know how special they are.  Watch my video to see just how easy it is to do.


A symbol of strength and nobility.


The Vanda is considered to be the most highly evolved of all orchids and is very highly prized for its showy, fragrant, long-lasting and intensely colorful flowers.                                                 


The Mokara orchid is a hybrid orchid, a cross between the Arachnis, Ascocentrum and Vanda families.  Like their parents, Mokara orchids come in a variety of vibrant colors.



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The Most Popular Christmas Flowers to Decorate With

Holiday Flower TreeFlowers are Mother Nature’s very own decorative ornaments, so it’s no surprise that they’ve become a staple of Christmas décor all over the world! There are so many festive blossoms to choose from, it’s impossible to stick with just one when you’re adorning your home for the holidays. Read up on the most popular Christmas flowers and how you can merry-fy your home with them this season.


Poinsettia PlantWith its long, velvety red leaves, the poinsettia is the definitive Christmas bloom. But did you know that it’s actually a tropical plant? Read our blog post on the history of poinsettias to find out how they became associated with Christmastime, and use our poinsettia decorating ideas to spread the Christmas spirit! Continue reading

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Enter the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Treats and Trivia Contest on Twitter

Celebrating Christmas Book Celebrating Christmas Book from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

As we dive into the Holidays, let’s celebrate the spirit of the season with Christmas Trivia! Taken from Celebrating Christmas: Share, Remember, Cherish these fun tidbit and factoids are a perfect way to kick-off Christmas day!

Enter the contest by visiting the Twitter page for a chance to win a special holiday gift!  The first person to tag @1800flowers with the correct answer will receive a copy of Celebrating Christmas. Continue reading

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How to Make A DIY Advent Calendar for Christmas

DIY Advent Calendar With Christmas Ornaments and SocksMost people think that Christmas is all about waking up on December 25 and exchanging presents with loved ones. But, as with the best things in life, it’s the journey that counts—not the destination. The truth is that the most wonderful holiday of the year isn’t just one day; it’s a full 25 days of merrymaking! So go ahead: Have some fun counting down to the big day and make the most out of the season by crafting a DIY advent calendar. You can put the whole thing together in three easy steps, and you won’t have to spend any more than $1 on each of your supplies. Just head out to your local discount store to pick up what you need. Now without further ado, here’s how to make a delightful advent calendar especially for you!

Continue reading

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Different Uses for Christmas Wreaths

Pine Wreath Hanging on a Front DoorLush evergreen wreaths are one of the most versatile decorations you can use to bring some traditional warmth into your home at Christmastime. And when you opt for a beautiful faux arrangement—like our Pine Wreath, which is decorated with festive pinecones and vibrant red berries—you have a truly original ornament that you can use in countless ways for many years to come. Here are just a few of the many different uses for a Christmas wreath! Continue reading

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Poinsettia Decorating Ideas

Poinsettia-party-pack-40035The luxuriously red and green leaves of the poinsettia capture the most festive colors of the season, and their star shape (which comes in all sorts of sizes) makes them a joyous decoration for everything from Christmas trees to dinner tables. It’s the most versatile plant to decorate with during Christmastime, and it brings instant glamour and holiday spirit to anything you adorn with it. Here are a few poinsettia decorating ideas to give your home some yuletide flair.

Accent Pieces: Buy multiple potted poinsettias and wrap the containers with burlap or festive decorating paper. Line the plants along a walkway outside, arrange them on your staircase or proudly showcase them on your fireplace mantel with ornaments and other Christmas décor.

Holiday-traditions-poinsettia-101451Welcome Sign: Place a large poinsettia on your stoop with a sign, like this Happy Holidays Poinsettia, to welcome guests to your home and give them a sneak peek at the festivities going on inside.

Wreath Embellishments: Before you hang that wreath up over the fireplace or on your front door, give it some Christmas spice by attaching poinsettias to it with floral wire. Continue reading

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When Is Hanukkah?

A Menorah Lit for HanukkahGet your menorahs and dreidels ready: Hanukkah 2012 begins this Saturday, December 8, and ends on Saturday, December 16!

History of Hanukkah

Hanukkah (חֲנֻכָּה), also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day celebration of the Jewish victory over the Syrians and the rededication of the Holy Temple 2,000 years ago. The most well-known Hanukkah tradition is the lighting of one candle on the menorah each night of the holiday. It represents the small flask of oil that was found in the temple, which miraculously burned for eight days.

Other popular Hanukkah customs include playing the dreidel game, preparing traditional foods like potato latkes and sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts), and singing time-honored Hanukkah songs. Take a look at our fun family activity ideas for Hanukkah and start planning your celebration early!

When Is Hanukkah?

According to the Hebrew calendar, the holiday is always celebrated on the 25th day of Kislev, which occurs anytime between November and December. If you’re not going by the Hebrew calendar, sometimes it is tough to know when Hanukkah falls. That’s why we’ve created this helpful Hanukkah calendar guide with Hanukkah dates from 2012 to 2020!

  • Hanukkah 2012: Saturday, December 8 – Saturday, December 16
  • Hanukkah 2013: Wednesday, November 27 – Thursday, December 5
  • Hanukkah 2014: Tuesday, December 16 – Wednesday, December 24
  • Hanukkah 2015: Sunday, December 6 – Monday, December 14
  • Hanukkah 2016: Saturday, December 24 – Sunday, January 1
  • Hanukkah 2017: Tuesday, December 12 – Wednesday, December 20
  • Hanukkah 2018: Sunday, December 2 – Monday, December 10
  • Hanukkah 2019: Sunday, December 22 – Monday, December 30
  • Hanukkah 2020: Thursday, December 10 – Friday, December 18
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Fun Family Activities for Hanukkah, From Dreidel to DIY Menorahs

Jewish Family Celebrating HanukkahHanukkah (חֲנֻכָּה), also known as “The Festival of Lights,” means much more than exchanging Hanukkah gifts and lighting candles eight nights in a row. It’s a celebration that brings families together to share and enjoy age-old customs that have been passed down from one generation to the next. So start some new and exciting traditions with your loved ones this holiday season; try out these fun family activities for Hanukkah!

DIY Menorah

ballet menorah for chanukah
Gather everyone ’round the kitchen table and have each family member create their own menorah out of any supplies you have lying around the house: food (apples are a great option), glass bottles, clay, Play-Doh or paper towel tubes. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your creative juices flowing!

Playing Dreidel

Play a Traditional Game of Dreidel: The traditional game of dreidel is probably one of the most well-known Hanukkah activities to play with the family! There are four Hebrew letters on the dreidel to go along with the game, including “nun,” “gimmel,” “hey” and “shin,” each with a different meaning. Not sure how to play dreidel? NYC’s Temple Emanu-el has a great how to play dreidel article to help you learn and start having some fun!

Dreidel Spinning Contest: Add a “spin” to the traditional dreidel game! As a fun change of pace, hold a contest to see who in the family can whirl a dreidel and make it spin the longest.

Hanukkah Gelt (Chocolate Coin) Scavenger Hunt

What is Hanukkah without the gelt?  Have fun with Hanukkah chocolates! Before your guests arrive, hide those delicious little chocolate coins throughout the house.  After dinner, break everyone up into teams and search for them. Whoever finds the most coins wins a prize, in addition to the chocolate.

Hanukkah Bake-Off

Find some Hanukkah-themed cookie cutters and whip up some yummy holiday desserts with your kids. Put your own personal touch on the cookies by decorating them with blue and white icing and sprinkles. Or, try making these sweet edible dreidels featured on!

Make-Your-Own Hanukkah Magnets

Hanukkah magnets not only make the perfect kitchen decorations for the holiday season, but are also fun to make with the family! Set out some wooden craft sticks, children’s paint, glue and glitter, and have your kids make the Star of David by gluing the sticks together and decorating them.  Stick an old magnet behind the star and display the kids’ art on the fridge.  Menorah magnets are another fun option and feel free to be creative with the materials used! Continue reading

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The Story Behind Mistletoe at Christmas

Couple Kissing Underneath MistletoeNowadays, mistletoe has become a mainstay at Christmas parties everywhere. The rules are simple: If you find yourself standing underneath mistletoe hanging in a doorway, you have to lay a smooch on your sweetie or, if you’re single, the person standing closest to you. You know it as one of the most fun and romantic traditions of Christmas, but do you know how it got its start? Read on to learn the story behind the kissing plant!

What Makes Mistletoe Special

Mistletoe Growing on a TreeThis little bough of berries is no ordinary plant: It doesn’t grow in the ground. Instead, it lives on, and feeds off of, the bark of trees (oaks, mostly). It even thrives during the winter, when trees shed their foliage, creating a beautiful tuft of bright green leaves and juicy berries among the bare branches. The tiny berries can be either bright red or white, and the color of its flowers can range anywhere from yellow to green. Even though the berries were once thought to be an aphrodisiac that held the soul of the tree, they’re actually quite poisonous. So make sure you don’t snack on one after you’re done lip-locking with that someone special! Continue reading

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How to Make Your Own Homemade Christmas Wreaths

One of my favorite traditions during the Holiday season is taking a day to decorate the house. While it may feel like a chore for some, I have always enjoyed putting a lot of creativity and effort into my décor this time of year.

Personalizing the front door wreath is one of my favorite ways to help set our home apart from others in the neighborhood. Years ago, people would put wreaths on their front door featuring different floral arrangements or crafts to identify their individual families and house—similar to the way we use house numbers today. Once I learned this, I couldn’t wait to create a few different Christmas wreaths for my friends and neighbors!

The wreaths shown below were inspired by each recipient’s hobby, but you could create one for just about anything—a new baby, a friend’s favorite movie or even a family’s heritage.

DIY Christmas Wreath for Knitters
Christmas Wreaths for Knitters

Continue reading

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Another Thanksgiving Craft Idea for Kids: Thanksgiving Flower Wreath

Thanksgiving Flower WreathThanksgiving is the perfect day of the year to gather with family and express gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives. Spend time with your kids and show them what the holiday is all about by helping them create these beautiful Thanksgiving flower wreaths. You can make them in a few simple steps, and cleanup is a snap … giving you more time to create memories that you and your kids will cherish for many Thanksgivings to come!

Materials for Thanksgiving Flower Wreath

Paper plate
Construction paper (or cardstock)
Hole puncher

How to Make a Thanksgiving Flower Wreath

Materials for Thanksgiving Flower Wreath

  1. Cut out multiple flowers from construction paper. On each flower, write something you are thankful for. You can use the shapes shown above as a guide. Continue reading
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Cute Thanksgiving Craft Idea for Kids: Sunflower Turkeys

Thanksgiving Bouquet of Sunflower TurkeysAre your kids looking for something to do on Turkey Day … other than patiently wait for the bird to roast in the oven? This Thanksgiving craft idea will keep the little ones busy while you cook up a delicious feast for the family, and you’ll have an adorable centerpiece that your guests will rave about as they gobble down their food!

Materials Needed for Thanksgiving Sunflower Turkey

Construction Paper (or colored cardstock or foam)
Sunflower bouquet*
Googly eyes or candy eyes

*The Harvest Spice Bouquet is the perfect arrangement to use for this craft. You can use the daisies to create turkeys too!

How to Make a Thanksgiving Sunflower Turkey

How to Cut a Turkey out of Construction Paper

  1. Cut out the shapes shown above using brown, orange, red and yellow construction paper. (You can also use cardstock or foam for sturdier turkeys.) Continue reading
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Thanksgiving Pear Themed Table Setting

Here’s one last tip that will sure make your Thanksgiving pear themed table setting  unforgettable.

Starting with terrific amber glass plates that I picked up at a discount price, all it took was a curvaceous bosc pear, a sprig of pyracantha berries, a tiny bundle of millet, and a gold trimmed place card to create what I like to call “tabletop art.”

Since pears are in the height of their season right now, you can find them at any local grocery store or supermarket. But most of all have fun with it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pear Place Setting

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Fun Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Thanksgiving Games and Activities for the Whole FamilyWith work and responsibilities keeping everyone busy throughout the year, it’s not every day your entire family gathers over one table to share some great food and conversation. That’s why Thanksgiving is the perfect day to spend time with your loved ones and create some fun new memories. And what better way to stir up some excitement than by enjoying Thanksgiving activities and games together? Here are some great ideas that will bring the family closer … and make those stuffed bellies roll with wild laughter!

Thanksgiving Trivia

Family Talking During Thanksgiving DinnerBefore the party, write Thanksgiving trivia questions on a stack of index cards. (Remember to write the answers on the back of each card too!) On Thanksgiving Day, split the family into two teams as evenly as possible. Each team takes turns answering the trivia questions, and an official scorekeeper keeps track of how many questions each team answers correctly. The team with the most points wins! Tip: To get the kids in on the action, you can create trivia cards for them too. Continue reading

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Fall Reception Décor Ideas

The personal and the décor flowers should complement each other. I suggest having 3 different centerpieces in varying heights instead of having the same centerpiece on every table. It creates a much better rhythm and flow in the room. Various size tables are also nice if your venue can accommodate it. Here are three fall reception décor ideas that work with the look and feel of the bouquets I have featured so far.

Wreath Centerpiece
I love this fresh flower wreath. Incorporating lots of texture with the pods, berries and kale, make it a feast for the eyes. I particularly like the use of the cut succulent, which is currently one of my current favorite “flowers” to work with this year. An amber glass cylinder and pillar candle in the center of the wreath adds a warm glow to match the warm glow in your hearts on this special day.

Iron Pedestal
This pedestal is adorned with chandelier crystals, candles and has a very romantic feel to it. The green hanging amaranthus is a nice dramatic touch.

Metal Twig Tree
Branches are extremely popular for weddings and special events right now. In this case, I started with a metal twig tree originally designed to display ornaments. I added a few stem of fresh birch branches to give it some visual movement and a more natural fuller shape. The metal branches provide an excellent base for hanging votive candles on and the cymbidium orchids can be strung on the more delicate birch branches. When the lights are turned down and the candles are lit these trees add a magical touch to the room!

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How To Create A DIY Autumn Leaf Table Runner

Fall is here, Thanksgiving is slowly approaching… What is better than an inexpensive, easy and creative autumn leaf table runner to bring the outside beauty of fall, inside your home? Your friends and family will feel as if they are sitting right in your backyard.

Try it out yourself and remember, just have fun with it!

DIY Autumn Leaf Table Runner

Materials Needed:

  • Clear cellophane cut to the size of your table.
  • Fall leaves from outside, or preserved leaves from a craft store.
  • Scissor for any trimming needed.
  • Tack 2000 spray adhesive.
  • Newspaper to cover your work surface.

Create a DIY Autumn Leaf Table Runner in 7 Easy Steps:

  • Start with a piece of clear cellophane cut to size.
  • Gather leaves from outside or buy preserved leaves at a craft store.
  • Cut the leaves off of the branches and trim the stem from the bottom of the leaf. If the leaves are a little wrinkled you can iron them – it looks better if the leaves lay flat.
  • Cover your work surface with newspaper and place your piece of cellophane on top.
  • Have your leaves ready and spray half of the cellophane with Tack 2000 spray adhesive.
  • Simply place the leaves onto the cellophane one at a time, starting at the edge and overlapping the previously placed leaves.
  • Spray the other half of the cellophane with the adhesive and finish adding leaves.
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Create A Festive Table Display With Filberts and Mums

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and if you’re still looking for a centerpiece to make your festive table display elegant this season, try using filberts and mums.

I prefer to use multiple smaller floral accents as opposed to one large centerpiece. Using smaller centerpieces will allow you to easily move the arrangements around the table when different courses are brought to the table. These arrangements couldn’t be easier to do!

I chose small square vases and tall cylinder vases. Another idea is to use unique containers or glassware you may have around your house.


  • Fill the vases with filberts (hazel nuts)
  • Once the vases are filled with filberts, fill the vessels with water.
  • Top the arrangement off with a single mum – in this case a copper disbud.

I love the monochromatic look and the use of various textures.

Filberts & Mums

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Create Festive Floral Place Settings

Creating a decorative detail on each dinner plate is an easy and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving table. You don’t necessarily need to add a place card, especially if your family is a “first at the table gets their choice of seat” type of family! It is a nice touch though. Here are a few ideas to help you create festive floral place settings for your next holiday gathering.

Savory Succulent
This cut succulent looks good enough to eat. Luckily with all of the food you’ll be serving at dinner no one will be tempted to eat it.

Succulent on Plate

Krazy for Kale
This kale is grown to be enjoyed as a cut flower and really makes a statement when placed on a dinner plate. Use one of the leaves as a place card.

Kale Place Setting

The Colors of the Season
Wrap a few sprigs of colorful fall flora and fauna to bring the vibrant colors of the season onto your table. A few leaf shaped cards from craft store (or you can cut them out yourself) are the finishing touch.

Flora, Fauna and Grapes

Zen Style
Create a sense of peace this Thanksgiving with a Zen inspired holiday table. Keep the look clean and simple with minimal elements. Now let’s mediate on all we have to be thankful for!

Zen Table Setting

Thanksgiving at the Shore
Whether you’re having Thanksgiving at your home on the beach or you just wish you were there, create the mood with sand dollar place cards with a single orchid tucked in for a look that’s simple and elegant.

Sand Dollar Place Cards and Orchid

Picture Perfect Place Settings
Give each guest at your table their own floral arrangement with petite colored bottles holding a single flower. For a truly personal touch attach a special note to each bottle telling that person what you are thankful for about them. Add a copy of a photo of them on the front of the note instead of just writing their name. I particularly like the look of photos from the past. It adds a sweet nostalgic feeling that is perfect for Thanksgiving!

Floral Picture Place Setting

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Festive Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

hostess-gift-ideas-for-the-holidaysThe 2012 holiday season is almost underway, and you know what that means: Your mailbox will soon be overflowing with dinner party invitations! With so many holiday get-togethers penned on your calendar, it’s important to get a head start on finding the perfect hospitality gift for your host and/or hostess. Hit the ground running with these festive hostess gift ideas for each holiday of the season, from Thanksgiving to Kwanzaa.

pilgrim-poochHostess Gifts for Thanksgiving

Show your hostess how thankful you are to share the holiday with her: Give her a pretty centerpiece to complete her Thanksgiving feast. The Pilgrim Pooch is cute as a button and sits in a basket filled with colorful fall leaves, pumpkins and gourds. Continue reading

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Have a Beach Inspired Thanksgiving!

While many of us associate Thanksgiving with crisp cold air, berried branches, turning foliage, and chrysanthemums, not everyone has to go over the river and through the woods to get to grandmother’s house. Some just take a barefoot stroll along the beach, perhaps collecting a few shells along the way. If I were spending the holiday at my house in Florida here is how I would like my table to look.

Beach Inspired Table Settings

Sand Dollar and Orchid Centerpiece

Not only is it coastal inspired, but it is a cleaner, less cluttered and simpler look. This also matches our lifestyle down in Florida which is completely opposite from our hectic, fast-paced life in New York.

Use found objects as well as treasured keepsakes to create the look you want. Keeping the colors soft and using monochromatic single variety flowers will provide a sense of calm.

White Roses in Sea Shell

Write each guest’s name on a sand dollar and tuck a single cymbidium orchid behind it for a chic place setting.

Personalized Sand Dollar and Orchid

Have a beach inspired Thanksgiving!

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November Birthday Gift Ideas for Him and Her

november-birthday-gift-ideasThe crunch of freshly fallen leaves under your boots. The scent of warm apple pie wafting from the kitchen. The crisp, invigorating air tingling at your fingertips. What could be better than a gorgeous autumn day? Celebrating November birthdays, of course!

Now that November is just around the bend, it’s time to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones who were born this month. And with nature showing off her true golden colors, you can find inspiration for fall birthday gifts everywhere you turn. When you’re looking for your autumn birthday gifts, think warm, rustic, simple and colorful. To help you with your search, we’ve gathered a list of his-and-her November birthday gift ideas that your beloved will simply fall head over heels for!

November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

Fall Country Mum Plant from 1800flowers

The official birth flower for November is the Chrysanthemum, so a lovely autumn arrangement of mums is the perfect way to wish any man or woman a happy birthday this month. The Fall Country Mum bouquet is enfolded in a picket fence flower pot and topped off with a charming scarecrow, bringing the beauty of the harvest season indoors.

Continue reading

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Frightfully Fun Halloween Party Decorations

Two outdoor Jack O Lantern pumpkin candles from 1800flowers!Halloween is all about the creepy atmosphere, but you don’t have to turn your house into a full-blown haunted mansion to show your guests a hair-raising good time. Picking out a few key Halloween decorations will turn your party into a spookfest. Just think tactically! Here are a few hassle-free Halloween party decorations that will have your friends screeching with delight from the minute they knock on your door.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Glittered Halloween WreathGive your guests a little Halloween party preview by welcoming them to your home with mood-setting outdoor decorations. Line your walkway with fall mums on each side, and wrap them with spooky string lights. Place a Halloween lantern and a few mini pumpkins between each mum to complete your grand entryway.

At your doorstep, have a candlelit Jack-o-lantern and a Bewitching Halloween Plantcrafty little witch—like this Bewitching Halloween Plant—awaiting your partygoers with a plate of chocolate, trick-or-treat style. Once your friends have picked up their sweet treat and are ready to ring your doorbell, shock them by hanging a Glittered Halloween Wreath on your front door. With such a chilling reception, your guests will be ready for some Hallow’s Eve revelry! Continue reading

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Sweet M&M Halloween Table Centerpiece

Halloween is a great opportunity to have some creative fun! Make it sweet and simple with this easy M&M Halloween Table Centerpiece craft.
The Crow Ate My M&M's
Here’s a quick centerpiece idea for your Halloween festivities…

I love the purple, lime green, orange and black combination for the holiday, so when I saw Halloween M&M’s in the store, I immediately bought a few bags. Just another reason to buy candy! I developed a nested vase for one of the products in my collection, The Sweet Heart Bouquet, and knew it was the perfect container for this M&M project.

You can make your own by putting a narrow vase or glass inside of another large glass container. Ideally, you would want both glasses to be the same height, but if not, the inside glass can be slightly shorter then the outer one. For the floral, I used shamrock spider mums and purple statice. Both flowers are hardy and will last about two weeks.

Would you believe it, right after I made my arrangement, a crow flew in the window and started eating my M&M’s! I named the crow Russell and told him he could stick around, so look out for him in future images!

If you are running low on time, check out a similar product here from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM.

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Ideas for Mother-in-Law Gifts for Mother-in-Law Day

gift-ideas-for-mother-in-law-dayIt’s time to show your mother-in-law some love: Mother-in-Law Day is on October 28, 2012!

Mother-in-Law Day falls on the fourth Sunday of October and provides an opportunity to thank your spouse’s mom with a special present.  After all, your one and only wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for her! Not sure what she’d like? There are lots of great mother-in-law gifts to choose from. Here are five gift ideas for every type of momma!

For the Mother-in-Law Who Loves to Cooksend red and white wine in a tote bag!

If your sweetie’s mom loves to cook up a good homemade meal, give her something delicious to wash it down with.  This Red Wine Pairing in Burgundy Wine Tote is the perfect complement to her scrumptious food. You can pick her favorite one-two combo of flavors: Choose from three pairings of cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and zinfandel. Continue reading

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Make Your Own Fall Wreath

Wreaths can be used in so many different ways to decorate your home and are very easy to make. Here are three options, in three different sizes, using three different bases. Which one are you going to create this Thanksgiving? Maybe you’ll do them all!

Grapevine Chair Wreath
Here’s an unexpected touch for your Thanksgiving table (or chair in this case).

Grapevine Chair Wreath

  • Start with a 5” grapevine wreath, which you can get at any craft store for under a dollar each.
  • Glue a base of autumn leaves, a bit of berries, and assorted foliage such as eucalyptus and magnolia leaves. I used a hot glue gun.
  • Attach a cymbidium orchid with a dab of floral adhesive.
  • Attach the finished wreath to the back of each chair with a beautiful ribbon that coordinates with table linens.

Magnolia Wreath
Magnolia wreaths have always been popular in the South. However, we northerners are being lured by the dark glossy beauty of the two-tone magnolia leaf (the back of each leaf is brown). Making a wreath using just the leaves with a simple ribbon creates a look that is fresh and sophisticated.

Magnolia Wreath

  • Start with a pre-made wire base or create your own using heavy-gauge wire.
  • Cut the magnolia leaves from the branch.
  • Wire small clusters of 3-4 leaves together.
  • Wire the individual bunches of leaves onto the wire wreath form, making sure to overlap them so that their stems don’t show.
  • Spray your wreath with artist’s fixative or hair spray, and hang it on a wall or door.

Fresh Sunflower Wreath
This wreath is made with a floral foam base and is designed entirely with fresh flowers and foliage. The focal flower is a sunflower, which is perfect this time of year with its chocolate brown center and golden yellow petals.

Fresh Sunflower Wreath

A fresh flower wreath makes a beautiful centerpiece with a pillar candle and hurricane lamp in the center. Follow these simple steps to create your own fresh flower wreath.

    • Thoroughly soak the wreath form.
      Rinse Wreath Form
    • Create the initial shape by inserting short stems of foliage into the foam.
    • Add the sunflowers even spaced around the wreath.
    • Fill in the wreath with the other flowers that you have chosen.
    • Fill in any gaps with oak leaves, raffia, and other assorted foliage such as salal leaves or pittisporum.


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Make a Fun Candy Corn Inspired Centerpiece

From now until the end of the year is a crafters dream. From Halloween through Thanksgiving and right into the holiday season, there are more reasons to decorate and create than any other time of the year. Make a fun candy corn inspired centerpiece and let the creativity begin!

Candy Corn

This ubiquitous Halloween candy was the inspiration for this floral centerpiece. It is made entirely out of carnations with a floral foam base. Since carnations come in so many beautiful colors, including orange and yellow, and are long lasting they were a natural choice for this project.

Candy Corn Centerpiece

Remember to check back on a regular basis, because I will be sharing many ideas for decorating, gifting, and creating with flowers for all of the upcoming seasonal celebrations.

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Make Delicious Apple Centerpieces For Any Occasion!

Big Apple Centerpieces

I was recently asked by a New York bride and groom to incorporate apples into the place card display at their Manhattan reception. They had many guests coming in from out of town and wanted to visually welcome them to the Big Apple.

You can easily make delicious apple centerpieces for any occasion! I filled varying size glass cylinders with small lady apples and used large deep red apples as votive candleholders. The look was clean, modern and had that person touch they were looking to include in their special day!

Apples in cyllanders

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Vintage Halloween Centerpiece

Vintage Halloween Pumpkin

Give your table a vintage makeover with this vintage Halloween centerpiece.  This original papier-mâché pumpkin from the 1950’s is my favorite Halloween decoration. My mother-in-law gave it to me a few years ago. She finds the best stuff and knows my style to a tee!

With a few cuttings from your fall garden – here I used dahlias and asclepias – this old pumpkin becomes the happiest jack in town! While not vintage, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM offers a great alternative here.

Vintage Halloween Centerpiece

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Dazzling Dahlias, Flowers of Fall

As I’ve said many times that having flowers in your home or office is just plain good for you. It’s such a simple thing to do and yet makes such a difference. Take advantage of the different floral varieties that are available each season. Dahlias will only be around for a little bit longer, so don’t miss out on them. They are so dramatic and visually interesting and come in an array of extraordinary colors. Don’t fuss – just fill a vessel with warm water, snip the ends of the stems, and drop them in.

Happy Fall!!

Pink Dahlias

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Celebrate Love Note Day This September!

Note Ideas For Love Note Day!

The month of September continues to fly by, but I wanted to take a moment and share one of the sweetest holidays I have ever heard of! Love Note Day falls annually on the fourth Friday in September and was created to encourage people to share their feelings for the ones they love with written words.

In honor of this holiday I wanted to share just a few of my favorite love notes:

If thou must love me, let it be for naught except for love’s sake only. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. - Franklin P. Jones

Love is a friendship set to music.E. Joseph Cossman

Love Note Pink Rose Bouquet

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Hot Pink Roses: One Hundred Years to Grow Perfection

lady roses, hot pinkWho could resist a rose called ‘Hot Lady’? It’s a spectacular hot pink rose, too, with two-inch-long buds that look good in a vase for at least 10 days. And the color! Hot, hot pink. It’s the kind of rose that florists love, not least because it appeals to the hot ladies for whom it was named.

As it happens, hot ladies have plenty of hot pink roses to choose from, thanks in large part to a century-old German firm called Rosen Tantau (Tantau Roses).

Just four men have run the company in that century, each one taking an inventive approach to rose breeding. Founded by Matthias Tantau in 1906 in a small town outside Hamburg, Germany, the firm became internationally known following World War II, when Jackson Perkins introduced ‘Garnette’, a popular red greenhouse rose, to the United States. It became a florists’ standard. Continue reading

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How to Preserve Flowers with Wax

Create Your Own Wax Flowers

Wax Roses as Centerpiece Around a Candle on purple table clothJust when you thought your Valentine flowers were done here are two more tricks and tips to make the last few blooms more then just a memory. Waxing fresh flowers is a craft that dates back to the Victorian era. It’s quite easy and inexpensive to do. It just takes a little practice, because the most important part is getting the temperature just right for the types of flower that you are waxing. Almost any type of bloom can be waxed so go ahead and experiment.

Wax Flower Materials Needed:
* Fresh flowers
* Paraffin wax
* Double boiler
* Wax or Parchment Paper
* Empty vases or bottles for drying the flowers
Continue reading

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How to Make Back to School Flowers to Start Their School Year Off Right

mason jar with handpicked garden flowersBack to school flowers can help everyone start the new school year off on the right foot! According to research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed. “Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room,” said Dr. Haviland-Jones. “They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere.”

Here are some creative ideas that you and your child can put together the day before school starts. Your child might be a little nervous about the first day of school and spending time with you, putting a floral or plant gift together for the teacher will relax them and get them excited about giving their new teacher such a beautiful gift. Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Public Relations Intern Sarah Melley

In her second post for the INTERNal Perspective, Public Relations Intern Sarah Melley shares her experience interning at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and her involvement in the Imagine the Smiles and Summer of a Million Smiles initiatives. Here’s Sarah in her own words:

I have learned so much about Public Relations while interning here at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. As a Public Relations intern, I have participated in two major company-wide initiatives, Sumer of a Million Smiles and Imagine the Smiles, to deliver smiles in the community and beyond. I was involved in donating flowers to the Island Harvest Mobile Food Pantry in Freeport and was a part of the committee that selected the winners for the Imagine the Smiles campaign from the numerous nominations. It’s great to be a part of something bigger than myself and I always feel good knowing I helped deliver a smile that day. Continue reading

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How to Make Flowers Last Longer

Make a Simple Floral Bouquet Last Up to Three Weeks

It has been scientifically proven that flowers make people feel good. According to behavioral research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, nature provides us with a simple way to improve emotional health – flowers. The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed.

By following the simple flower care and handling tips that I have provided, you can get those good feelings to last longer! Continue reading

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1800Flowers’ Creative Team Creates Crafts with Kids

The East Williston Summer Recreation program at North Side Elementary School in East Williston, NY was the latest stop during our Summer of a Million Smileswhere the 1800Flowers’ Creative Team creates crafts with kids. On Friday, August 3rd the  creative team from dropped by to make some crafts with the kids.

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The INTERNal Perspective of Email Marketing Intern James Hoge

Who works on the emails sent out to our valued 1-800-FLOWERS.COM customers? James Hoge explains his role in creating those emails as an Email Marketing Intern this summer in his own words:

As the proud new owner of a marketing degree from Elon University, I was very excited to dip my feet into the professional world this summer. I’ve had the opportunity to observe and take part in the inner workings of a unique and innovative company. This has been an invaluable experience and a great jumpstart to my career. For the past two months I have been working with the Email Marketing team learning how to plan, design, review and analyze 1-800-FLOWERS.COM marketing emails. I’ve worked cross-functionally with several departments to accomplish these tasks, which has given me a valuable insight into how the company communicates and operates internally. Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Interactive Marketing Intern Gabrielle Bacarella

Gabrielle Bacarella, an Interactive Marketing Intern, also of previous “Petal Talk” fame, talks about her experiences interning at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM for the second consecutive summer. Her are Gabrielle’s insights in her own words:

When I entered my first year at Boston College, I had no idea what I wanted to major in, let alone pursue a career. After taking several courses, I found that I really enjoyed Human Psychology, declaring it as my major with a minor in Human Resource Management. Continue reading

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Fall Wedding Flower Ideas, Trends & Themes

There are so many options for flowers and décor for fall weddings that it can be difficult deciding on one theme or direction. Here are just a few fall wedding flower ideas to help you with the perfect autumn combinations to delight and inspire.

Rich Hues and Lots of Texture
Bold Fall Wedding FlowersTap into what’s in season in the world of flora and fauna for bouquets and centerpieces that are unique and visually stunning. Continue reading

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Labor Day Picnic Gift Baskets

Picnic gift baskets for Labor DayLabor Day is the celebration of the many workers in our country and all that they contribute to our society. As so, this holiday is meant to give workers time away from the workplace to enjoy themselves. Labor Day often symbolizes the end of summer, so many people set sail for the beach, mountains or any other outdoor location for some fresh air, great weather and time with friends and family. Labor Day picnic gift baskets provide everything necessary for a fun day out in the sun.

How to Make Labor Day Picnic Baskets

1. First you will need the baskets. The number and size of the items that will fit into the baskets will be determined by how much the baskets can hold. For this reason, it is important to get your baskets first. Baskets can be purchased from craft stores, antique shops or any number of home accent stores. Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Web Marketing Intern Kirsten Knott

Even she’s majoring in public relations, Web Marketing Intern Kirsten Knott describes how interning at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has her thinking about her future career path:

I have learned so many valuable insights from my internship at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, but the main thing I’ve gained here is a newfound direction. I have always known I wanted to pursue a career in public relations, but I was unsure of what type of company or industry I wanted to work in. During my internship, I had the opportunity to observe and experience the dynamics of a company that cares. Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Marketing Intern Matthew Keenan

Matthew Keenan, a talented Marketing Intern at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, reveals what surprised him about his internship this summer and the impact this experience will have on his future:

When I first started my internship at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, I expected to be doing menial marketing-related projects all day. But that wasn’t the case. I was given the responsibility of conducting in-depth marketing assignments, centered on canvassing customer comments about the products they received. I’ve also prepared parts of the marketing weekly report and worked on competitor analysis. Continue reading

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Colorful Wedding Bouquets

Need ideas for lovely wedding bouquets? Adding color to your bridesmaid bouquets alongside an elegant and white bridal bouquet can really make the bride stand out, even more than she already does!

Colorful Wedding Bouquets

One of the 1800FLOWERS franchise stores in Fairfax, Virginia, family-owned florist Twinbrook Floral Design, designs and creates gorgeous wedding bouquets all year round and shared this beautiful photo of wedding flowers.
Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Merchandising Intern Remington Zience

Remington Zience, a Florist Design intern in the Merchandising Department, gives his insights into his summer experience at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM:

When I first arrived at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, I had no clue that I would be involved in so many different initiatives. As a Merchandising Intern in Florist Design, my duties have ranged from hands-on experience in the design studio and creating a product-planning timeline to working on marketing strategies for the products. But my greatest learning experience this summer has been realizing how important it is to be versatile and flexible in your work. Continue reading

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Caring for Cut Flowers in Five Easy Steps

Care for Cut Flowers In Order to Keep Them Fresh 

Step One: Always use clean vases or containers. Bacteria in the water will shorten the life span of your flowers. Household bleach is an excellent cleaning agent for your floral containers.

Caring for Cut Flowers by Cutting Under Water

Step Two: Have your vase ready before working with the flowers. Fill the container about ¾ full with warm water and floral food (according to packet directions). Of course, I always have extra packets of floral food at my house, because I always have fresh flowers. If you buy flowers from a florist they will give you packets to use at home – why not ask for a few extra so that you have them on hand too. If you find yourself without a commercially prepared food click here for a version that you can make yourself. Continue reading

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Homemade Floral Food

How to Make Your Own Food For Flowers

There are 3 ingredients that are helpful when trying to keep your flowers fresh and long-lasting. They are:

  • Sugar – provides nutrition for flowers
  • Citric acid – acts as an acidifier and lowers the ph level of the water
  • Bleach – prevents bacteria growth in the vase

Here are a few do-it-yourself options that I have come across:

  • One part lemon lime soda (7-Up, Sprite) to 3 parts of water
  • Two tablespoons lemon juice, one tablespoon sugar, one quarter teaspoon bleach to one quart of water
  • Two tablespoons of white vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar to one quart of water
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Cooking With Zucchini Flowers

Cooking with zucchini flowers is a delicious delicasy, especially in Italy.  They can be found in pasta dishes, risotto and even with ricotta cheese. But the dish that is most popular is fried zucchini flowers.  Zucchini flowers are commonly battered and fried almost like a vegetable tempura.  To compliment their salty and crunchy taste, they are sometimes drizzled with honey and topped off with powedered sugar. Preparing an old italian favorite can be easy with this simple recipe.

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The INTERNal Perspective of BloomNet Marketing Intern Jonathan Wagner

Who works in the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM BloomNet Department? What do interns there do? BloomNet Marketing Intern Jonathan Wagner explains:

As a History major at St. Lawrence University, interning at the world’s leading floral company does not exactly tie back to my major.  However, this internship has been a tremendous learning experience for me. Throughout the summer, I have been working in the BloomNet Department, where I have gained a great deal of knowledge. Continue reading

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How To Create a Love Altar

Dog-able made out of flowers getting married

Did you ever want to tell someone just how much they mean to you and how much joy, comfort, and passion they have brought into your life? Sometimes it’s easier to show someone how much you love them than to try to put it into words. A love altar is a wonderful space for manifesting this desire, passion and adoration. Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Chris Hopkins: Interns at 1800Flowers Volunteer

The 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Interns volunteer their time and effort to the Imagine the Smiles campaign. Chris Hopkins, a Marketing Intern here, shares his view of the experience of creating floral arrangements to be donated as part of the initiative, complete with coverage from Newsday:

In the July 30th issue of Newsday, an article was published about 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Imagine the Smiles and 2012 Summer Internship programs. The reporter, Keiko Morris, and photographer, Audrey Tiernan, tell the story through the lens of our interns learning to make floral arrangements for the West Nassau Dialysis Center as a part of Imagine the Smiles. The newspaper came to our corporate headquarters in Carle Place, NY to interview our bright and talented interns, as well as a few other employees, about these two important aspects of the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM brand.

Continue reading

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How to Grow Your Own Olympic Flowers

It’s only been a few days but we already miss the olympics! In this past 2012 London Summer Olympics, nearly 4,800 Victory Bouquets were given to medal winners. Designed by Susan Lapworth, the Creative Director at Jane Packer, the bouquet consists of yellow, orange, green, and pink roses, along with bunches of lavender, wheat, apple mint, and rosemary, all of which are grown in England. The International Olympic Committee wanted the bouquet to not only be fragrant, but also reflect the energy of the games.

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The INTERNal Perspective of Vendor Relations Intern David Kobbe

Our vendors may recognize the name of this author! In his second year operating as the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Vendor Relations Intern, David Kobbe explains his responsibilities and the successes he has built the last two years here:

I’m back here as the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Vendor Relations Intern for the second year in a row. I am heading into my junior year at Penn State and majoring in Supply Chain & Information Systems. Last year, I started with exciting projects like creating an incentive program for our vendors and completely revamping the Vendor Manual. Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Florist Operations Intern Alan Croitoru

Hailing all the way from Miami, Florist Operations Intern Alan Croitoru shares his experience from inside the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Florist Operations Department:

As a student majoring in financial economics and psychology, I can truly appreciate 1-800-FLOWERS.COM’s caring team who is obsessed with delivering smiles on behalf of its customers. Interning with the Florist Operations is interesting for me because I am able to see how the company values its economic goals yet maintains its culture of delivering smiles. For example, the emotions that a mother feels when receiving beautiful lilies on Mother’s Day or the impact of red roses on a Valentine’s Day experience are so crucial to the company’s bottom line. Continue reading

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College Gardens: Michigan State University W.J. Beal Botanical Gardens

W.J. Beal Botanical Gardens The gorgeous grounds at Michigan State University: W.J. Beal Botanical Gardens (Courtesy of W.J. Beal Botanical Gardens)

Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan is fortunate enough to have one of the oldest and most beautiful collegiate botanical gardens in the United States: The W.J. Beal Botanical Garden.In fact, it is the oldest continuously operated university botanical garden of its kind in the United States. The garden was founded in 1873 by Professor William James Beal. There is a rich history in the gardens that few know about, notably the large ginkgo tree that is located next to the Beaumont tower on campus.  This tree was a gift from the famous botanist Professor Asa Gray of Harvard Univeristy in 1863.
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The History of Flowers at the Olympics Games

Olive Laurel Wreath Olive laurel wreaths were used in ancient Olympic Games.

Every four years the overwhelming event known as the Olympic Games captures the entire world as all of the greatest athletes gather together to proudly compete for their home country. With almost 300 events in 26 different sporting events, sometimes the minor details and hard work that go into the Olympics tend to get overlooked. One of those things is something that everyone sees but does not necessarily understand the importance of: the flower bouquets.

The history of flowers at the Olympic Games dates all the way back to Ancient Greece, the competing athletes in the first games were given Olive leaf wreathes that were placed on their heads. At the time this was the only reward the athletes received, the medals did not come until much later. The presence of flowers finally sprung up during the Victorian era, where each individual flower was thought to have a different meaning. These meanings have carried over into the present representations of the Olympic Bouquets given to athletes on the champions’ podium after every event.
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The INTERNal Perspective of Sarah Melley: Delivering Smiles to Local Island Harvest Food Pantry

This is our first intern activity post! It’s written by Sarah Melley, one of our incredible Public Relations Interns! Here’s Sarah as she shares the experience of some of our fantastic interns delivering flowers to the Island Harvest Mobile Food Pantry for our Imagine the Smiles campaign:

On Wednesday, August 1st myself and four fellow interns delivered smiles by donating flower bouquets and arrangements to Island Harvest’s Mobile Food Pantry as part of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Imagine the Smiles campaign. Island Harvest’s Mobile Food Pantry, a weekly food pantry that provides local communities with nutritious perishable and non-perishable foods such as fresh produce, meats, pasta and canned goods. Continue reading

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Baby Sloths Eating Hibiscus Flowers

baby sloths eating hibiscus flowers Courtesy of Animal Planet.

Did you know baby sloths LOVE to eat hibiscus flowers?

It’s like “chocolate for them” according to this beyond adorable video from Animal Planet, which was too cute for us not to share the love!

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The INTERNal Perspective of Merchandising Intern Phil Kubiak

What is Floral Direct? How is it related to Merchandising? Hailing from the Floral Direct section as a Merchandising Intern, Phil Kubiak shares his experience for the INTERNal Perspective:

While I’m interning at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM this summer, during the school year I am a student at CUNY Baruch. I have taken various business courses but never really had the chance observe firsthand how business really works. In fact, before this internship, my only experience has been through textbooks. Now I get to see the gears of the company turn and observe how every department works together. My main responsibilities here are with Floral Direct, changing how we offer products on our website, but it’s not my only task. Continue reading

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The Olympic Games Past & Present

Olympic RingsSeeing all of the Olympic Bouquets has really got us in the Olympic spirit! The idea of the Olympic Games was conceived in ancient Greece but ended around the time of 393 and 426 AD. The Games started up again in 1896 back in its birthplace, Athens, Greece. There have been a total of 30 Olympics in the modern era, not all have actually happened or were attended by all of the world’s superpowers but this 2012 Olympics marks the Games of the 30th Olympiad.  

  • 1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece

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The INTERNal Perspective of Logistics Intern Thomas Cox

Who makes sure that products are transported and tracked correctly? Our Logistics Department! Thomas Cox tells his story about his summer as a  1-800-FLOWERS.COM Logistics Intern:

I’m a Marketing major going into my junior year at St. John’s University. This summer is my second internship at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, neither of which were in Marketing. My first year was in BGS, where I learned sales methods and had the opportunity to sell holiday packages. Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Merchandising Intern Emily Bahr

Our second Merchandising Intern, Emily Bahr, shares her observations from interning at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM for the second consecutive summer. Here’s Emily’s story in her own words:

I was certain that I would never feel such a strong sense of community and family as I had felt during my freshman year at Marist College, where the student body and faculty truly care about students’ future and well-being. Little did I know that feeling would surface again during my first year interning at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM in 2011. Beyond the feeling of comfort at the company, I didn’t think I would find anywhere in the business world that I’d feel as passionate about. But I did.

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College Gardens: University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichol Arboretum

Some colleges are lucky to have either a botanical garden or arboretum located on or near their campus, however the University of Michigan has the great fortune of having both within walking distance of campus. The Matthaei Botanical Gardens which is nearly 250 acres is located just off of campus but close enough to walk to and the Nichol Arboretum, commonly referred to as the “Arb,” 125 acres, is on central campus. Both the Gardens and the Arb are associated with the University.

Joseph Mooney the Marketing Director for both the Gardens and Arb described them both as, “places where people can escape from the nearby urban environments and engage with nature.”

The Conservatory at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens The Conservatory at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens
(Courtesy U-M Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols

The Arb offers a place in the center of campus for students to be immersed in a naturalistic landscape while studying and meeting up with fellow students. The Botanical Gardens offer a large conservatory that contains three different climate zones. There is the Tropical House which has a tropical climate that features blooming flowers all year round; Warm Temperate House that has climates similar to the Mediterranean and West Asia; and finally the Arid House which has similarities to desert climates. This is an obviously desirable location for studying in the winter as students are battling the harsh Michigan winters.
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Delivering Smiles and Treats to Thank Local Firehouses



On Friday July 13th, the team visited local firehouses on Long Islandto deliver smiles and express our gratitude. Firefighters from Engine 275 Ladder 133 NYFD, Syosset FD, Valley Stream FD and Hempstead FD were greeted with Cheryl’s cookies and brownies. We also donated Mets tickets to each department member and their family.

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Flower Face Painting DIY

How To Face Paint Flowers

Flower Face Paint DesignsBirthdays, carnivals, bat mitzvahs, flower shows and block parties are perfect events to offer flower face painting. Painted flowers look beautiful on every skin tone and will help brighten a customer’s day.
Before face painting flower designs, you should consider several factors to get the best result. Choose face paint that is hypoallergenic and suitable to use on facial skin. You can purchase face paint at most craft stores, but be aware that cheap paint is likely to crack. Read the packaging carefully, and purchase the appropriate brushes and face paint remover. Keep a supply of soft cloth or makeup pads for removing face paint.
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Official 2012 London Olympic Flowers

Courtesy of the Official 2012 London Olympics Homepage

The pageantry of the Olympics is unlike any other. It is a spectacle that puts the host country on display. The host country is able to show off to the world its cities, its people, and even its agriculture. The agriculture will be exhibited when the victorious athletes are presented with a bouquet during the medal ceremonies. It is a stipulation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that the flowers used in these bouquets must be grown in the host country. For this years 2012 Olympic Games the winning bouquet was designed and arranged by the world famous floral company, Jane Packer.
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The INTERNal Perspective of Strategic Marketing Intern Megan Molloy

Our Smile Days for the Summer of a Million Smiles campaign are wildly successful in and out of the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM office. That’s all thanks to Megan Molloy, our Strategic Marketing Intern, who shares her own take on arranging smiles:  

My summer at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has revolved around the company’s goal to deliver a million smiles through its Summer of a Million Smiles program. I have been tasked with coordinating Employee Smile Days, in which employees contribute their time by delivering smiles to deserving community members. Little did I know that it would give me the opportunity to work with remarkable organizations such as the New York Blood Center and North Shore Animal League of America.. Continue reading

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National Get Out of the Doghouse Day: Your Ticket Out

National Get Out of the Doghouse FlowersNational Get Out of the Doghouse Day is a day for apologies and sweet words to get yourself out of the doghouse. Maybe you forgot to clean the dishes one night, much to the chagrin of your spouse. Perhaps you accidentally burned a hole in your partner’s favorite shirt. No matter your crime, this is a day for forgiveness and setting things right with your loved one. Words are a good way to start your apology, but a tangible token of love will help your case. Consider the following delightful items from 1-800-Flowers to help show your true feelings. Continue reading

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‘It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding’ with White Wedding Flowers

Elegant Suggestions for a Classic & Unique White Wedding

white flower arrangements for wedding White wedding centerpieces for the reception.

Lauren had the perfect summer wedding. The beautiful bride was married on June 1, 2012 surrounded by serene white floral arrangements and the smell of love and roses. Lauren, a florist herself, has a keen eye for classy flowers and delicate designs. However, as a bride-to-be, she knew that she had to hand over the flower arrangement task to someone else. With a white wedding flowers vision in mind, and considering everything from the cocktail hour to how the flowers would look under LED lighting, Lauren told her team of florists how she wanted everything and left it in their capable hands. She said that in truth, “I must have changed my mind 10 billion times! But I was so happy with the turnout and my decision.” Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Interactive Marketing Intern Chelsea Ripp

You may recognize the author of our second INTERNal Perspective blog entry. Already famous for her many incredible ”Petal Talk” posts, Interactive Marketing Intern Chelsea Ripp gives her insights from an inside view of interning at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM in her own words:

Marketing Intern Chelsea RippMy name is Chelsea Ripp and I am a Marketing and Graphic Design double major at the University of Notre Dame, home of the Fighting Irish. My passion for both the creative and analytical part of business has brought me to 1-800-FLOWERS.COM this summer, interning with the search engine optimization (SEO) team. I was welcomed with open arms and instantly immersed into the company’s flowering culture (pun intended!) I have learned everything from SEO and SEM tactics, the elements of a good online advertisement, the difference between a paid and unpaid search, the crazy world of social media marketing and affiliate business. The skills and knowledge that I have obtained during my time at the company has been invaluable and I’m sure will benefit my career! Continue reading

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How To Host A Wine Tasting Party

Not too long ago, I was asked to put together an elegant wine tasting event. It was such a treat to design a party with the sole purpose of saying “Thank You” to some of our local 1-800-FLOWERS customers!

I quickly got to work, planning and designing. The results, I must say, were spectacular! The theme naturally took on the feeling of a relaxing, sunny afternoon in Napa Valley. Needless to say I was very happy that I was asked to host a wine tasting party.  Even on short notice, I was able to collect a number of unique pieces that could be repurposed to fit the theme perfectly. Most of the items used throughout the space were pieces I had collected on vacation, received as gifts, or picked up at yard sales.

Wine Tasting Grape Barrel

Many of the materials, like the soda crate and barrel, came from flea markets that I love to frequent throughout New England!

Wine Tasting Crate Platter

In addition to the props and fabrics, food was also used to tie in color and theme. Grapes, for example, made a great accent to the room décor by incorporating them into an arrangement.

Wine Tasting Floral Basket with Grapes

To enhance the vineyard feeling of the evening, I used wine corks as filler in the bottom of a clear vase. Simple, elegant and eco-friendly!

Wine Tasting Cork Filler

One of my favorite elements of the evening were the “wine corsages” that were created as decorative accents to some of our favorite bottles of wine.

Wine Tasting Wine Corsage

Along the same lines, ceramic baskets were used instead of ice buckets to chill the white wines. Flowers, like roses, carnations and hydrangeas, were arranged to decorate the wine baskets and make them more appealing.

Wine Tasting Wine Cooler Decor

The more fun you have with putting all the elements together, the better it will turn out. I had so much fun putting all the pieces together — I even hired a musician to play for the duration of the party to add warmth and ambiance to the room! Sometimes it’s the smallest detail that completes a party.

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How To Repot A Plant

The tendency to transplant a plant, in most cases, is premature; however, if it is done properly the plants will not be adversely affected.  If the plants are from a dish garden that you’ve had for a while, you may want to re-pot the few remaining plants – or it may be a plant that is root-bound (with roots growing out of the bottom drain hole).  Learn how to repot a plant with these simple tips.

A Guide To Transplanting Plants


Start out with a bag of potting soil.  Using soil from your garden is good, but it may contain “critters” or “spores” that you don’t want in your home, as they may contaminate your other house plants.

When re-potting a single potted plant, Continue reading

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The INTERNal Perspective of Merchandising Intern Drew Grombala

What is merchandising? What do merchandising interns do? Intern Drew Grombala explains and shares his perspective on his merchandising internship at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM in his own words for our first intern post:

If you had told me before I walked through the doors at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM that I would learn as much as I have as a merchandising intern, I simply would not have believed you. I am amazed that I am given and trusted with tasks that are important and contribute to the daily business. Each day at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM provides a new learning opportunity for me, making it enjoyable and personal rewarding to come into work. Continue reading

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College Gardens: Furman University Asia Garden

Furman University Asia Garden brings an Asian feel to Greenville, South Carolina. The university’s Asia Gardens feature authentic Asian horticulture. The university has an exchange program with Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata, Osakawa, Japan which is how they are able to obtain these plants. It was originally referred to as the Japanese Garden but recently changed its name to Asia Gardens because it has plants from the entire continent, not just Japan.Place of Peace


One of the most unique aspects of this garden is the Place of Peace that overlooks the Asia Garden. The Place of Peace was a former Buddhist temple that was sent over to Furman from Japan in 2008. The temple was disassembled into 2,400 pieces in Nagoya, Japan and then shipped across the Pacific Ocean. It was then reassembled at Furman in 2008. It is used as an educational tool for the university’s Asian Studies Department and is the symbol of the university’s strong commitment to sustainability. The temple is always available for viewing but is not always opened; on Saturdays and Sundays it is opened by trained docents and then is open to the public.
Continue reading

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Flower Flavored Dessert: Homemade Rose Water Ice Cream

Homemade Rose Water Ice CreamPersian restaurants and markets serve a lovely floral ice cream, fragrant with the scent of roses. Once you taste it, you’ll know that you have discovered the essence of summer. Unfortunately, not everyone has a Persian market nearby—but this rose water ice cream recipe is easy to make.

The key ingredient, of course, is rose water. It’s said that rose water is the vanilla of the Middle East, and it’s true that it flavors sweets throughout the region, just as vanilla is pervasive in the U.S. What is rose water exactly? Very generally speaking, it’s made by simmering rose petals (and only the petals) in water Continue reading

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The “INTERNal Perspective:” Welcome 1-800-FLOWERS.COM 2012 Summer Interns

The bright 2012 Summer Interns take a picture in the retail store of the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Carle Place headquarters on July 12, 2012!

Beautiful, bright and vivacious, and for once, we’re not talking about our flowers! The 1-800-FLOWERS.COM 2012 Summer Interns hail from 27 colleges and universities across the country. Working in departments such as product development, marketing and finance, among others, our interns are eager to learn and contribute to the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM team. Each of the 34 summer interns brings their enthusiasm and abilities to the table each day, providing a useful insight into the company’s daily functions. To capture their experiences, discovery and insight, we have launched “The INTERNal Perspective,” our company’s intern blog. Please check back in for weekly updates as our interns share their daily happenings at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM.

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How To Arrange Flowers With A Gridded Vase

Interested in learning how to arrange flowers how to arrange flowerslike a professional florist? Well you’re in luck! With our gridded vase trick, you can make your own arrangement with these simple and easy-to-follow steps. Creating an arrangement like a professional florist can be done simply by using an aid, such as a gridding tool. By using ¼” stretchable clear waterproof tape (obtained at any craft or florists’ supplier) you can create an attractive arrangement.


Continue reading

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How to Dye Flowers

Supplies for dyeing flowers Flower dyeing supplies.

Do you want to experiment with coloring flowers a vibrant pink or an unnatural blue? Follow this step-by-step guide to adding some pizazz to an ordinary white flower and learn how to dye flowers!

1) Start with a white flower with a long stem. Carnations are an easy choice to dye as they take to the dye very well.

2) Make sure the flowers are very thirsty before you begin. This will cause the entire flower to dye, rather than just the tips of the petals, which can happen if the flower is already hydrated. Leave the flowers out of water for a day (unless they seem to start turning brown- then start the dying process before they wilt) to make the flowers “thirsty.”
Continue reading

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14 Cute Animal Pictures to Make You Smile!

In A Bad Mood? Cheer Up With Cute Animal Pictures!

Are you in need of a smile? Look no further than this page. I can guarantee you will be smiling by the end of it!

Party Pup Smile

This puppy is ready for a party!

Continue reading

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Keeping It Green: How to Keep Plants Alive

Flower Care Tips from Expert Florist Jerry Rosalia

Get tips on how to keep plants alive!House plants are the air-purifier you don’t “plug in.”  However, to keep them alive and growing is another story.

The #1 killer of house plants is over watering.  There are several ways to prevent this from happening.  Follow these instructions on how to keep plants alive to keep them green!

1. Dip your finger in the soil up to the first knuckle; if the tip of your finger is moist, the plant is O.K.

2. If your plant has a drainage hole at the bottom, add water until you see it come out of the bottom into its saucer; don’t let water stand there more than a few hours.

3. The weight method: Thoroughly water your plant and lift it to feel its weight. After a few days, if it’s lighter than when you first lifted it, it needs water. Usually, a good rule of thumb is to water a plant every 5 to 7 days, depending on its environment. Heating and air-conditioning can affect how often the plant will need water. Continue reading

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Smiles Delivered to Local Veterans for 4th of July

red, white, and blue bouquets for veterans The 1-800-FLOWERS.COM team ready to deliver smiles at Northport VA Medical Center!

In honor of the 4th of July, the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM team was excited to deliver smiles to our local veterans as part of Summer of a Million Smiles. Employees donated red, white and blue bouquets to deserving veterans at the Northport VA Medical Center inNorthport,NY.

Continue reading

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The World’s Biggest and Smallest Flowers

World's Biggest FlowerFlowers are little touches of color that make the world a more beautiful place in which to live. Scientists will probably never catalog and study every flower in the world because there are millions of types of flowers. Flowers come in countless shapes, sizes and colors, and they exist in almost every kind of climate across the globe.

The purpose of a flower is to create seeds so that the plant is guaranteed to reproduce itself. Most flowers consist of three main parts. The stamens are considered the male parts of the flower. In general, the stamens produce pollen. The pistil is considered the female part of the flower. The pistil contains the ovary, and in the ovary is an ovule, an unfertilized portion of the plant which will become a seed after pollination. If pollen from the stamens comes in contact with the pistil, the ovule in the ovary will be fertilized, producing a seed. The petals are the colorful flower parts that make flowers so lovely to see. Petals attract insects, like bees, wasps and butterflies, to assist in pollination. Continue reading

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How to Make Red, White and Blue Dipped Strawberries

Red, White and Blue Dipped Strawberry

Making your Fourth of July a patriotic one can be simple and sweet with these red, white and blue dipped strawberries. Follow these simple steps to make your sweet treat look decadent and delicious at your Fourth of July barbeque.

Ingredients Needed for Patriotic Strawberries:

• Container of Strawberries

• White Chocolate

• Blue Sprinkles

• Paper Towels to Dry Strawberries

• Wax Paper Continue reading

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Turn That Frown Upside Down: Tips on How to Snap Out of a Bad Mood

  1. bad mood crazy hairIdentify the Problem
    Wrapping your mind around whatever is getting you down will help you think about the problem in its entirety. When figuring out exactly what it is that is getting you in a rut, you’re more likely to resolve the issue!
  2. Breathe
    Get that oxygen flowing! Take a deep breath in and follow that with a cleansing exhale. Slow breathing goes hand in hand with tranquility and serenity, so regulating your breathing can help you to reach a state of relaxation. Having control over your breathing means you have a heightened ability to gain composure over your thoughts and emotions.

Continue reading

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Red, White, and Bloom: 4th of July Flowers

4th of July flowers Tie a Yellow Ribbon by 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

The color red symbolizes confidence, courage, and vitality. White is the color of innocence and purity. Blue represents youth, truth, and peace.  These colors hold so much meaning for the citizens of America, and that is why they can be seen everywhere on the Fourth of July. On this day to honor America and its independence, the stars and stripes fly high and wide. Clothing, sunglasses, food, and decorations all sport red, white, and blue. So why not add these colors to your flowers during this week as well?

This July 4th, make a statement with festive 4th of July flowers. You are going to need red, white, and blue flowers, so what are your choices? Look no further for your guide to arranging Independence Day flowers! Continue reading

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Floral Cupcake Party!

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes!

I had such a great time last Friday afternoon at Hotel Giraffe in New York City. I had the opportunity to participate in a “Cupcake Party” to celebrate the launch of the NEW! Cupcake in Bloom from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, as well as, the fresh baked and delicious edible cupcakes from Cheryl’s.

1-800-Flowers® Cupcake in Bloom
Cupcake in Bloom
Everything Cupcake! – Birthday
Edible Cupcakes


Sometime ago, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM asked me if I would help design a floral cupcake. The Birthday Flower Cake has been such a success for so many years that I knew it was time for the 2.0 version – so to speak. Now that it was time to unveil my cupcake creation, who better to have a cupcake coming out party with, then some of the most diehard cupcake lovers. These cupcake lovers share their passion (or should I say obsession) of cupcakes with us everyday through their blogs. Some of the guests included: Cupcakes Take The Cake, the one and only Milwaukee Cupcake Queen from No One Puts Cupcake in the Corner, Melissa Cohen from MetalSugar and Lisa Lillien from HungryGirl.

There are so many aspects of the “Cupcake Party” that I would love to share with you, so let’s start with the decorations…

We started off with a theme and the location. What’s better than a chic modern hotel, such as, Hotel Giraffe in New York City? At this event, I worked with a great stylist, Laraine D’Elia. We wanted to keep the look of the party as simple and sophisticated as the room, but of course we wanted to add a touch of sweetness! One of the focal points of the décor was the oversized floral cupcake that I created. Here are some photos of the oversized cupcakes, as well as, other shots of the day.

The View from Hotel Giraffe
Hotel Giraffe Terrace

A Chic Cupcake Party with Oversized Cupcakes
Cupcake Party with Oversized Cupcakes

Oversized Cupcake

Me with the Milwaukee Cupcake Queen
Me with Milwaukee Cupcake Queen

Rachel and Nichelle from Cupcakes Take The Cake with Elisabeth and Lindy from Cheryl & Co.
Rachel, Nichelle, Elisabeth, Lindy

Melissa from MetalSugar and her cupcake tattoo!
Melissa from MetalSugar
I’ll be sharing more details from the party soon. I will give you details on how to make this oversized cupcake and some other great ideas for your next Cupcake Party!

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4th of July Party Food Ideas

patriotic caramel appleWhat does the date July 4th mean to you? Maybe fireworks, a hot summer day at the beach, and a family barbecue late into the summer night… Yes, not only is the corn “Knee high by the Fourth of July,” and ready for your barbecue, but families and friends are gathering to spend this fabulous summer holiday together. The 4th of July has become synonymous with both the day America achieved its independence and BBQs! Are you ready to ramp up the volume on your 4th of July party this year? Read further for some great 4th of July party food ideas for the best day to BBQ!

4th of July BBQ Food

Remember, food is the integral part of any barbecue. The classic July 4th meal is of course hamburgers and hot dogs with a side of corn and maybe cold salads such as potato, noodle, or tomato mozzarella salad.  However, this year you should take the leap with something a bit more unique. Continue reading

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Imagine the Smiles Honors Volunteer Mary Keaney

imagine the smiles fruit flower bouquet Mary Keaney receives a Fruit Bouquet

We would like to recognize the wonderful Mary Keaney, who was awarded a smile as part of the Imagine the Smiles program during 1-800-FLOWERS.COM’s Summer of a Million Smiles. Mary volunteers her time to not only her church, but at local nursing homes as well. She is also the treasurer of the Greenbriar Association.  Mary Thompson recognized the selfless time and care that Keaney puts into everything that she does. Thompson nominated Keaney for a smile, describing her as a, “one of a kind woman.” Continue reading

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Smiles Unleashed at L.I. Adoption Event with the Gift of Dog Flowers

smiling dog with sunglasses This loving pup is ready for a Summer of a Million Smiles!

Working towards the commendable cause of providing dogs and cats loving homes, the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh, NY deserved some smiles—and we were there to deliver them! In honor of the shelter’s Summer of Love, a special program offering free adoption, inoculations, spaying & neutering, and microchip insertion, the team from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM paid a visit to the shelter bearing a-DOG-able® flower arrangements. Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Gift Right in Your Backyard

SPOTTED NEW MOM: Dina from Momformation is dedicated to keeping parents informed on all things kids; from tips on parenting, to which shoes are best for your child. A great website for all Moms! Check out her blog.

I think Erin really hit the nail on the head with her choices for great Mother’s Day gifts that she as a new mom would like this year. My suggestion would be to give the lady what she wants – she deserves it! There are so many colorful and fragrant blooms in season right now, so you have lots of options and price points to choose from.

My top flower choices are:


You might even be lucky enough to have a lilac bush in your own backyard (or your neighbor’s or friend’s)! It probably has just started to bloom. Snip a few branches and put them in a simple container like this old blue Mason jar for a fresh and fragrant breath of spring!

And whether you are giving the new mom a full day of pampering or a gift certificate for a “mani/pedi” or a facial and massage, don’t forget to include a coupon for free babysitting services to be used during her treatments. Tie them around the vase or bouquet with pretty ribbons and you can’t go wrong! I sure don’t fall into the new mom category, but I’d love this gift myself – hint, hint, guys!!

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Famous Smiles in Art

Artists, from the beginnings of time to modern day, know the power of the smile. Let us walk through some of the most famous smiles in art history. Learn, through these paintings and sculptures, what such a simple facial expression can really mean.

1)      The Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci (1503-1506)

The Mona Lisa and her smile

What makes The Mona Lisa arguably the most famous painting in all of history? Many would say that it is her small, mysterious smile. The Mona Lisa has an intriguing smirk that catches the viewer off guard. What is she smiling about? Why does her gaze follow you wherever you seem to be viewing the painting? Why does her smile seam to appear and disappear as you move?  Much fascination surrounds The Mona Lisa and her smile. Scientists and art critics alike have analyzed and studied The Mona Lisa for her smile.

Continue reading

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Delivering Smiles and Cookies to Blood Donors delivering cookies and smiles to blood donors! 1-800-FLOWERS.COM employees and blood drive volunteers ready for the big day!

Every day, people have the ability to save lives by donating blood. With one pint of blood having the potential to save up to three lives, donors rightfully earn acknowledgement for their actions and selflessness.

Continue reading

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Imagine the Smiles: Nominate Your Everyday Hero

nominate an everyday heroDo you have someone in your life who has been an inspiration? Whether that special someone has helped you through tough time(s) or helped make you the person you are today, we want to hear your story about this everyday hero and thank them for you with a special flower delivery! 

1-800-FLOWERS.COM’s Imagine the Smiles program is part of our Summer of a Million Smiles initiative and allows you to honor and celebrate those extraordinary people by submitting your story about why these amazing folks deserve to be recognized. 

Submitting your stories is super easy with our Imagine the Smiles Facebook page.

Here’s how to nominate your hero in 5 easy steps: Continue reading

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Beach Themed Wedding Ideas

If you are interested in having a coastal themed wedding, here are a few beach themed wedding ideas that can help you. You can go tropical and colorful or coastal and serene. Here I took the serene path and worked primarily with blues and greens.

Find a floral designer and/or event planner that can be a true partner throughout the process. Talk about your vision and your budget. Show them as many pictures as you can of things that you like. One way for you to make your décor unique and economical is for you to source and buy most of the hard goods (vases, candles, etc.) for the floral designer to use.


Tabletop Beach Decor

Linens can add a real customized feeling to the whole look. If the reception site doesn’t have the choices that you are looking for then I recommend visiting a local large fabric store. That’s where I found this perfect seaside stripe cotton material that I had a friend sew into a table runner.

Next stop was a large discount home goods store that has many options for vases, candles, etc. The retail prices in this type of store are unbelievably low (usually below typical wholesale pricing). The total cost of the 5 containers used for my tablescape is under $20!! I chose green cymbidium orchids for the oversized shell bowls and bear grass for the smaller green containers.

Green Cymbidium Orchids in a Shell Vase

If you prefer to go with more of a Cape Cod/Nantucket coastal vibe then use Nantucket style baskets filled with hydrangea. Lots of candles and randomly placed shells complete the look.

Green Hydrangeas in a Nantucket style basket


For the bridal bouquet I went with white peonies and green cymbidium orchids. Peonies are perfect wedding flowers – they’re lush, romantic, and fragrant. Unfortunately, they have a relatively short growing season so I always try to use them when I can.

The bridesmaid’s bouquets couldn’t be simpler or more beautiful. A few stems of blue/green hydrangea tied with a ribbon and you’re set to go!

Hydrangea Bridal Bouquets

Check back for the details on the Wedding Day Daisies – a fun and modern look for that special day. If you are in NY – look out for me on the PIX Morning News. I will be talking about wedding day flowers! Can’t wait.

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A Gift Guide: Gifts for Dog Lovers

Dog flowers for dog lovers from Dog Shaped Flowers from 1800FLOWERS’ a-DOG-able® Collection.

Do you have difficulty shopping for gifts for dog lovers in your life? There is a lot of fun, pet-related merchandise on the market, so with a little creativity and some clever researching, finding the perfect gift for a dog owner can be a simple task. To guide you on your quest for the ideal dog lover gift, below are some ideas that are fun for owners and their four-legged friends.

For the Fashionista Dog Lover

The fashionable dog lover will adore matching doggie and owner outfits. T-shirts with favorite sports teams, symbols or sayings are cute with a hint of lovable humor. Check out local pet stores to find great deals on stylish doggie apparel.

Continue reading

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Seasonal Flowering Shrubs All Year Long

Pink Hydrangea Flowering ShrubShrubs are often garden workhorses, planted to provide privacy, conceal unattractive but necessary equipment, or to furnish a backdrop for more colorful plants. They can provide plenty of color themselves, however, if you choose wisely. In fact, they can provide flowers for at least three seasons, and if you live where the climate is mild, you can have blooming shrubs all year-round.

Spring, of course, offers the greatest variety of flowering shrubs—lilacs, ceonothus, rhododendrons, forsythia, tree peonies…the options are many. Lilacs, with their heavenly fragrance and colors ranging from white to deep purple, are among the most beloved of all spring flowers. Ceonothus, sometimes called wild lilac, grows wild throughout North America, and gardeners cherish it for its blue blossoms—blue being the rarest of all flower colors—though some varieties offer white and pink blossoms also. Its foliage is generally a glossy dark green, and it tolerates a wide range of conditions, thriving where less hardy plants fail. Forsythia’s lovely, airy yellow blooms signal spring all over the East Coast. The tree peony has large, showy flowers, even more spectacular than its herbaceous cousin’s, and grows into a medium-size shrub that makes a handsome statement in a border of irises and other tall spring bloomers.
Continue reading

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Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

fathers day gifts for under $50 mainLooking for a thoughtful Father’s Day gift doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. With the help of 1800Flowers, you can still get your dad a clever gift for less than $50.  By reading this blog post, you will soon learn that finding an affordable gift for Father’s Day won’t be so hard after all!

When choosing a gift for dad, keep in mind the great things that your dad does for you as well as his interests so you can choose a Father’s Day gift that connects personally to him. With the list of gifts below all under $50, you will be sure to have a wonderful Father’s Day! 

Continue reading

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Father’s Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Father’s Day is a day to honor your father for all he has done and all his hard work in providing for you. Reverse the roles this Father’s Day and cater to your dad with a warm, delicious breakfast in bed! Make dad feel special, loved, and most importantly- full with yummy food! Breakfast In BedAnd the best part is, even if you are not a skilled cook, it is easy to make these classic breakfast favorites! Make sure to make it a whole family affair- mom and kids both cooking together!

Dad’s Favorites Should be the Center of the Meal

For the main dish, you should decide whether your dad is in the mood for a sweet or a rich breakfast.

If dad has a sweet tooth, pancakes are sure to hit the spot.  Continue reading

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Father’s Day Craft Ideas

If another tie, bottle of aftershave or a new wallet isn’t what the kids have in mind for Father’s Day gift giving, help them make something special dad will remember for years and the little ones will enjoy creating.

Unique Craft Ideas Made from Paper

Make a family tree, personalized notepad or family collage, using poster board, construction paper and crayons or paints.

Family Tree

To create a family tree, use blue poster board or construction paper and color a leafless tree with lots of branches. Cut leaf shapes from green construction paper large enough to write names on. Write each family member’s name on a leaf and use glue to adhere it to the branches.  Use a separate branch for each family. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and their families will each have a branch. A ribbon loop on the top of the sheet can be glued in place or tied through holes makes a hanger to suspend the piece.

Continue reading

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